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May 23, 2021
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May 23, 2021
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write an critical essay about race

Please use the book When the Emperor was Divine by Julia Otsuka and/or The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin for this paper. Please also use Blasphemy as well.

Throughout the course, we have read books that center around characters who are exiled from their community based on their class, race, or sex, or by other social or personal experiences. We have also learned about tools to frame the analysis of this exile including New Historicism, Marxist Theory, Feminist Theory, Gender and Queer Theory and Post-Colonial Theory.

Using ONE of these theoretical approaches, address the concept of exile in the texts that we have discussed in class. How do the characters experience exile?You can consider specific kinds of exile that we have discussed, based on economics, race, gender, or sexual orientation (or a combination), or you can think broadly about human experiences and the communities they create to answer this prompt.


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